Doctorate Program in Bioengineering

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The PhD Program in Bioengineering fits perfectly within the academic (both undergraduate and graduate) and scientific context of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche. Thus, potential candidates for the program would be graduates in Biotechnology, Food Science and Technology, Environmental Sciences, Pharmacy, Materials Engineering, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Computer Engineering and Agricultural Engineering (all degrees offered by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and in some cases also by universities geographically very close as Alicante and Murcia), as well as graduates in Biology, Biochemistry, Physics, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (all of them also taught in the above mentioned neighboring universities).

The Institute of Bioengineering, the center to which the Doctoral Program in Bioengineering is attached, participates in the teaching of the Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and Bioengineering, where students receive training that allows them to acquire transversal and specific competencies in Bioengineering through advanced theoretical and practical training.

Bioengineering is developed in a broad multidisciplinary framework of scientific and technological areas apparently unconnected, but which, thanks to an integrated and coordinated research, manage to complement each other to develop basic technologies, new products and new applications. The present proposal for a Doctoral Program in Bioengineering is born with the same philosophy as the Institute of Bioengineering, which is basically to develop competitively those fields in which its researchers are involved (without excluding the possibility of promoting other areas within Bioengineering) including: gene therapy, plant development, plant biotechnology, biomaterials, prostheses and artificial organs, biomedical instrumentation, toxicology and chemical safety, artificial vision, cell banks, clinical trials and drug monitoring. In other words, the Doctoral Program will train researchers in fields of great interest to society, since great progress in wealth, quality of life and well-being can be expected from all of them.