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The major focus of research in our laboratory is on plant molecular genetics and genomics. Our areas of research include the genetic control of organogenesis in general and that of leaves in particular, and the development of techniques and platforms for the genetic characterization of model organisms. Most of our work is carried out on Arabidopsis thaliana. 



Line 1: Genetic and molecular analysis of leaf development in Arabidopsis thaliana, with the objective of identifying, studying and manipulating the genes that govern the architecture of leaves in plants

Plant leaves are the best solar panels ever built, and they also perform well as air purifiers and food factories. Leaves efficiently trap sunlight, remove carbon dioxide from the air, and are the ultimate source of most of the oxygen that we breathe and of the food that we eat. Understanding how a leaf is made is important for several reasons, which include gaining knowledge of the biology and evolution of a multicellular organ with no equivalents in the animal kingdom as well as identifying —and eventually manipulating, to increase crop yield— the genetic, environmental, and hormonal cues that determine its final architecture and function. 

Line 2: Structural and functional genomics. High-throughput gene mapping and genotyping

To shed light on the making of plant leaves, in 1993 we initiated an attempt to saturate the genome of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana with viable mutations that cause abnormal leaf morphology. Using a high-throughput gene mapping method that we developed, we cloned more than 50 of the genes identified by mutation. Since then, we have stayed at the forefront of genetic mapping strategies and technologies by developing and implementing experimental approaches and software tools for mutation mapping.

Name Position e-mail ORCID
José Luis Micol Molina Full Professor 0000-0002-0396-1750
Alejandro Ruiz-Bayón PhD student 0000-0002-3533-8269
Àngela Ortega-Menaches PhD student 0000-0003-0963-6323
Carla Navarro-Quiles Postdoctoral researcher 0000-0002-6105-2360
Lucía Juan-Vicente PhD student 0000-0002-3456-7115
Riad Nadi PhD student 0000-0003-1449-5377
Samuel Daniel Lup-Haruta PhD student 0000-0002-7647-1867
Sergio Navarro-Cartagena PhD student 0000-0002-8940-0363
Juan Castelló-Bañuls Technician

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Robotic platform for plant phenomics. Funding agency: Generalitat Valenciana IDIFEDER/2020/019. Duration: 2020.
PI: José Luis Micol

Molecular keys to plant growth: a multidisciplinary approach. Funding agency: Generalitat Valenciana PROMETEO/2019/117. Duration: 2019-2022.
PI: José Luis Micol

Plant phenomics unit. Funding agency: MCIU EQC2019-006592-P. Duration: 2019-2021.
PI: José Luis Micol

Novel plant epigenetic machinery components. Funding agency: MCIU AEI PGC2018-093445-B-I00. Duration: 2019-2021.
PI: José Luis Micol

Training in techniques related to massive sequencing and mapping-by-sequencing. Funding agency: Generalitat Valenciana GJIDI/2018/A/214. Duration: 2018-2020.
PI: José Luis Micol