Health, Nutrition and Sports

Responsible Dr. Enrique Roche Collado



The research group has focused on the role that Nutrition plays in the prevention and treatment of diseases that develop together with what is known as metabolic syndrome: obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular pathology and diabetes. The group also studies aspects related to diet design and supplementation for different sports disciplines, taking into account the moment into the sports cycle and particularities of each discipline.

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Nutritional intervention with Elche CF (Spanish league first division football team)




Line 1: Characterization of circulating patterns in obese people with hyperfagy vs sedentary

Study the circulatory patterns (hormones, metabolites and microRNAs) that are generated in various situations related to the act of eating and that usually manifest overweight or obese subjects with hyperphagic behaviors. Hyperphagy is characterized by an uncontrolled food intake, accompanied by reduced energy expenditure. The idea of the line is to establish patterns that can provide information for more efficient nutritional, physical activity, behavioral and pharmacological therapies.

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Material and software to determine body composition


Line 2: Design and validation of sports supplements

Athletes are the main consumers of ergogenic aids. These aids are taken for 3 different purposes: increasing muscle mass, improving performance and optimization of recovery. These aids must have a solid scientific basis to demonstrate its effectiveness. They must also take into account the sports discipline, the time of the season and the population segment to which they are aimed. The ergogenic action should be completed with a correct diet and a proper training plan.

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Determining muscle mass gain

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PI: Enrique Roche Collado

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PI: Enrique Roche Collado

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PI: Enrique Roche Collado

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