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Since their discovery, perylenediimides (PDIs) have attracted much attention thanks to their strong absorption of visible light, their high fluorescence quantum yields and their thermal, chemical and photochemical stabilities. Another turn of the screw occurred with the advent of the organic optoelectronics, as PDIs revealed themselves as excellent electron transporting materials with high electron affinities. As a result of all the above, they have been exhaustively studied in solar cells (organic, dye-sensitized and perovskite-based), light-emitting devices, lasers, field-effect transistors, artificial photosynthetic systems, sensors and in different biological applications.

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Scheme of a PDI-based LED prepared in our group.




Line1: New methods for synthesis and modification of perylenediimides

The wide variety of applications of PDIs requires the fine-tuning of the molecular packing and the optical and electronic properties, which may be accomplished by introduction of suitable substituents in their structure. In our group we are interested in the search for new and more efficient ways to modify the chemical structure of PDIs, thus allowing the tailoring of the properties for the desired application.

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The introduction of the adequate substituents on the PDI scaffold allows for the modification of the properties of PDIs as, for example, the absorption spectrum and, hence, the colour in solution.


Line 2: Organic laser dyes

PDIs represent an outstanding choice for organic lasers because they exhibit not only good emission properties and wavelength tunability, but also good thermal and optical stabilities and high electron mobility. In addition, optical and electronic properties of PDIs can be tailored by introducing the adequate substituents, resulting in high-performance solid state lasers.

 síntesis molecular línea 2

Scheme of a laser prepared with one of our PDIs.


Line 3: Synthesis of organic materials for photovoltaics

Our group is actively working in the incorporation of perylenediimides as photoactive components in different solar cell devices: pn organic solar cells, as non-fullerene acceptors in bulk heterojunction solar cells, as photosensitisers in dye-sensitised solar cells, in perovskite solar cells, and also as interlayers acting as either electron- or hole-transporting materials. As a previous step, we investigate the photophysical properties of PDIs regarding to photoinduced energy and/or electron transfer. We are also interested in the use of PDIs in artificial photosynthetic systems.

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Perylene diamides: photoinduced electron transfer in multichromophoric systems, singlet fission and lasers. Preparation of PDI-based SURMOFs. (PID2019-109200GB-I00). Funding agency: State Research Agency / Ministry of Science and Innovation. Duration: 01/06/2020-31/05/2023.

PI: Fernando Fernández Lázaro

Perylene diamides for photovoltaic devices and lasers. Study of the conjugation enhancement of perylenediimides. (CTQ2016-77039-R). Funding agency: Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. Duration: 30/12/2016-31/12/2020.

PI: Fernando Fernández Lázaro

Synthesis of perylene diamides for organic solar cells. Reactivity study of perylenediimides and application in fluorogenic probes. (CTQ2013-47922-R). Funding agency: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Duration: 1/01/2014-30/06/2017.

PI: Fernando Fernández Lázaro

Perylenes and pi-extended perylenes: applications in photovoltaic devices, light-emitting diodes, liquid crystals and biomarkers. (CTQ2010-20349). Funding agency: Ministry of Science and Innovation. Duration: 1/01/2011-30/09/2014.

PI: Fernando Fernández Lázaro

Synthesis of photoactive compounds and photoemitters for the preparation of organic solar cells and organic light-emitting diodes. (CTQ2007-67888/BQU). Funding agency: Ministry of Education and Science. Duration: 1/10/2007-30/12/2010.

PI: Fernando Fernández Lázaro