In the Biomaterials and Photonics Unit we are dedicated to the design and production of new biomaterials, and to the development of advanced imaging and structured light optical systems with applications in the field of health and materials processing. We develop ceramic and vitreous biomaterials, as well as 3D scaffolds, with the aim of reproducing and regenerating bone tissue. We use programmable optical techniques for light modulation with spatial control of its polarization and phase, with applications in diffractive optics and biomedical imaging.


The Institute of Bioengineering of the Miguel Hernández University has different groups of Biomaterials and Photonics:


The group is formed by researchers and training fellows within the area of knowledge of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering. It is a multidisciplinary group formed by specialists in different disciplines such as physics, chemistry, materials engineering, etc. Our main objective is focused on the design, development, and characterization of materials.

TecnOPTO – Optical & Optoelectronic Technologies

Light-based technologies find applications in a myriad of areas. We develop research projects in Physical Optics and Optolectronics for light shaping applications and advanced optical bioimaging. Our main research lines include programmable and adaptive optics using spatial light modulators, diffractive optics and polarization optics. By means of these optical techniques we achieve full spatial control of the amplitude, phase and polarization of light. Such structured light beams find applications in a myriad of areas, including polarimetry, microscopy, laser materials processing, particle trapping or manipulation, and optical communications.